Outlook 2016

Learn Outlook’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Just like word and Excel and the other Office applications, Outlook has some unique keyboard shortcuts that will save you time and keystrokes.

Learn the ones you use most and you will be flying through Outlook tasks!

Below are some very useful shortcuts:

CTRL + R – Reply to mail.

ALT + R – Reply to all in email or switch tot he work week calendar view.

ALT + W – Forward email or switch to the weekly calendar view.

CTRL + M – F9 to send/Receive all

CTRL + G – Open the Go to date dialog to jump to any date in your calendar.

CTRL + N – Open a new email.

CTRL + Enter – Send your email.

You can also switch between Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and other items in the navigation plane by tapping CTRL + the place number of the item.