Excel 2013

How to Use Parentheses in Excel Calculations

When you are performing calculations or doing just anything in a formula in Excel, what resides inside your parentheses will the first thing evaluated.

If there are more than one set of parentheses residing in the same formula, they will be evaluated inside-out, which means that the content residing in the innermost set of parentheses will be evaluated first and then the content in the next set of parentheses, until the last set has been reached.

Parentheses Example

You can use parentheses any time you need to group together a set of numbers, formulas or functions, including when you are using comparison operators. The only thing that will change is that your formulas will look more complex.

You can use parentheses with functions as well. Of course, it starts to get a bit confusing the more parentheses you use and the more complex it becomes. Just remember how Excel calculates: inside-out – and keep that in your mind as you continue to build the correct structure.