Word 2016

How To Replace Manual Line Breaks With Paragraghs

As some of you know, I knit for relaxation and I like to donate some of my handmade goods to different charities, so I am always on the lookout for free patterns to use.  There are many available if you look. But it drives me absolutely mad when I find a pattern on the internet and copy and paste it in Word, and it turns out that it was created with manual line breaks instead of paragraphs.  I know I’m a wonk but we all have certain ways of doing things, and mine just happens to be the right way!

Now I just copy and paste and automatically fix this problem every time.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Highlight your entire document.
  2. Click CTRL + H to open Find and Replace.



  1. On the bottom, click on Special.
  2. In the Find area, select Manual Line Break.


  1. In the Replace box, use the same process as above and select Paragraph mark.
  2. Click Replace All.

Easy peasy and you now have a document that is easy to maneuver and you can set space before or after, etc.