Word 2013

How to Remove Formatting Applied over Text Formatted with Styles

Sometimes when folks have just learned how to navigate  styles they have a lapse and begin to apply explicit formatting over the top of style-formatted text. If you inherit such a document you know that getting those styles back to nothing but styles can be very slow going. The Good news is there are some shortcuts to help you with this issue!

Follow the steps below to learn how:
The first thing you can do is select your text and click CTRL+SHIFT+Z to remove all explicit character formatting. The result will be pure styles and nothing else.

  • Clicking CTRL+SHIFT+Z starts the ResetChar command in Word, which is the same as clicking CTRL+SPACEBAR.
  • Another little trick is clicking¬† CTRL+Q to remove any explicit paragraph formatting and return your paragraph to its style-defined defaults.
  • CTRL+Q will remove any explicit indents, tabs, and line spacing.
  • Lastly, if you want to quickly apply the Normal style to text, you can simply click CTRL+SHIFT+N.

This should save you some time and frustration!