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How to Harvest Images in a Word Document

Have you ever received a document from a colleague or someone else with lots and lots of images and you wanted to copy all those images?

It would be very tedious to have to copy each and every image one-by-one wouldn’t it?  Fortunately, you do not have to do that!

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Click File | Save As.
  2. Click in the File type and select Web Page.
  3. Browse to the folder containing the images and copy them.


Easy peasy!

One reply on “How to Harvest Images in a Word Document”

If you are talking about Office files in the “new” x-file formats, like DOCX, XLSX there is another way.
In explorer, add “.zip” to the end of the file name. That changes the file type to ZIP and explorer handles it that way. In Explorer, double click on the ZIP file to expand it. In a word file, look for the “Word/Media” folder inside the zip (in Excel look for “XL/Media”). All of your images are there.
Copy the files you want, remove the .ZIP from the file name and you have your working file back.

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