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How To Create One Off Labels in Word

We all know Word is a versatile program. One great feature of  Word is creating mailing labels. lots of folks, myself included,  create mailing labels using the Mail Merge feature of Word, which pulls names and addresses from a data source and formats them for printing on labels.

But sometimes you just don’t need all that. Suppose you only need  a couple labels to go on a one time mailing? There is a very quick way to handle this instance in Word.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Display the Mailings tab of your Ribbon.
  2. Select Labels near the left side of your Ribbon, in the  Create group to display the Labels tab of the Envelopes and Labels dialog box.


  1. If you need to change the type of labels on which you are printing, just click on Options and use the dialog box to select what you need.
  2. Make certain the Use Return Address check box is cleared.
  3. If there is anything in the Address box, delete it.
  4. Make sure Full Page of the Same Label is selected.
  5. Click on New Document. The dialog box will close and Word will create a new document consisting of blank labels.

Word formats labels using tables. Each cell of the table corresponds to a single label. To enter your label information, just position your cursor in the desired label (cell) and start keying in the information.

Once you are finished entering and formatting your label information, you can print your print your labels, save them if you like , or  delete the document.

4 replies on “How To Create One Off Labels in Word”

I could never remember these steps unless I used Word/Labels regularly.
It’s much simpler, for me at least, to just open a new doc, type the address (or paste from an address file), adjust size of font to suit the purpose of the label & print the whole page. Then use scissors to trim to the desired size & glue or sticky tape to the parcel.
Not clever & not fast, but the steps are dead simple.

As long as you don’t mind going to all that trouble, far be it from me to tell you how to make your labels. That just seems like a lot of work to me, but we are all different and if it works for you, I am glad.

Good way to do the labels; however, when I do that itt means I have to match the label row/column. What about using the row column feature?

I prefer the method in my article. It is quick and easy. But if you like your method that is ok too. We are all different. It’s just my job to teach you quick and easy ways to accomplish a task!

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