Microsoft Windows

How to Create an E-Mail Shortcut for More Speedy Messages

Who has time to waste during the business day? Certainly not me or you either I bet.

Most times in an office setting your e-mails generally go to the same folks several times a day. It is inefficient to have to enter that address over and over, even with the AutoComplete feature!

If you send frequent e-mails to the same person, this tip could be a real boost to your efficiency!

Follow the steps below to learn how to create a desktop shortcut for sending messages:

  1. Right-click your desktop.
  2. Select New | Shortcut.
  3. In the Create Shortcut dialog box, key in: mailto:emailaddress (using an actual e-mail address). Do not enter any space characters between the mailto: component and the e-mail address.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Enter an intuitive name for your e-mail shortcut.
  6. Click Finish.

To use your new shortcut, simply double-click it. MS Outlook or your default e-mail client will open a mail window and fill in the To field using the address you provided when you created the shortcut.

Key in your message and send!