Carol's Ramblings

Family, Friends, Co-Workers, and Gratitude…

We just celebrated Easter about a week ago.  It was so nice, my son and his wife and daughters went to church with us and then they and my daughter, her husband and their sons came back to the house and we all had a bite to eat.  The little ones were so anxious to start the Easter egg hunt!  And what fun they had with that hunt!  A joy to watch them running back and forth and the shouts “I got one” emanating from them.  I hope you all enjoyed a similar holiday, be it Easter or Passover or your particular celebration.

Spring has finally sprung and the earth is warming, trees are sprouting leaves and flowers are showing buds and blooms.  It’s like a whole new beginning.  The new year starts in January but for me, it starts with the renewal of Spring.  Everything comes back to life.  It makes me introspective.

We all thoughtlessly complain about petty, silly, little annoyances in our lives. We don’t even give it a second thought.  Until something really scary and important crops up and then we think about our petty little annoyances and how we griped about them.  I had one of those moments last week.  My son-in-law, whom I love dearly, found that he is having a health problem and it could be a very major problem.  We heard the scary “C” word.  And then I plopped myself down and thought “Wow Carol, you have been so lucky, so blessed, led a charmed life really, compared to many people.  I vowed not to complain about those petty things again. I also vowed to show the people I love, the people I care deeply about, my friends, co-workers – everyone, how I feel about them.  Oh, I know I will slip and complain about silly things again, but this was an eye-opener.   Perhaps that is why these things occur in our lives, to make us appreciate all the good in our lives that we do not see all the time.  So I thought I would share this with you because after all, you are all humans, just like me.  Something to thing about…

The Hyacinths are blooming in my yard, pink ones, white ones and purple ones.  There are a few Daffodils about to bloom outside my office window as well.  And the peepers….my lovely little peepers.  The symphony they perform these Spring evenings.  It is a delight of nature.  I love listening to it.  I am so very thankful for this new beginning, this Springtime.  Sometimes I try to take a mental picture so I can hold onto it just in case I never get to see it again.

Wherever you are, I hope that you are all experiencing this rebirth of the earth with all the attendant blooms and budding, sights and sounds to delight the eye, ear and mind.  I wish you all the peace of a spring morning.  Please take the time to really look around you and appreciate the art we take for granted every day.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter this month.  Please send some positive energy and/or prayers out to all the other people in the world who are having health issues and I will do the same for you.

Until next time, take care of you…