Microsoft Word 2010 for Lawyers

Yes, this book does cater to the legal arena, but this book is chock full of useful tidbits, like how to customize your Ribbon, create a table of contents, Footnotes, Endnotes, cross referencing, Quick Parts, Field Codes, etc.

And for the legal folks, this book tells you how to mark your pleadings for an Index, a Table of Contents, how to quickly and easily create Interrogatories and Request for Production of Documents, Pleading templates and much more!

Just about anyone who uses Word on a daily basis will benefit from this book.

Microsoft-Word-2010-for-LawyersDo not let the title fool you! Yes, this book has a lot of information that will make life a lot easier for lawyers and their assistants, but it will also help everyone else just as much!

Carol has demystified Word 2010! Not only will you be show where to find all your favorite shortcuts and key strokes but Carol will explain to you in plain language step-by-step, how to use the newest features in Word 2010. Also, Carol will show you how to use Block Quotes, Outlining, the Grammar Checker, Working with Graphics and Styles, Tables of Contents, Indexes and much, much more.

More importantly, Carol will show you how to customize your ribbon with new tabs to make life simpler and easier. This book is a must have for ANYONE who uses Word 2010, and especially for lawyers and their assistants!