Outlook 2016

How To Set Automatic Reply for your Vacation in Outlook

You can call it whatever you like, be it vacation reply, out of office message, or whatever you fancy, but below are the quick and easy steps to create it.

Launch Outlook.

  • Click on File | Automatic Replies.
  • Select Send automatic replies.
  • Key in your message.
  • Click OK.

Like I said, easy, peasy!

Outlook 2016

Delete Or Archive in Outlook?

The Delete and Archive buttons in Outlook are right next to each other. Most people don’t even notice them. And also, unfortunately, most folks have no idea what archive does.

So let me clear that up for you.


You are welcome!

Outlook 2016

How To Get Rid of Outdated Auto-Complete Adresses

Auto-Complete addresses are very handy – until they aren’t. Most folks think there is nothing they can do to get rid of these, but there is!

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Launch Outlook.
  2. Open a new message by pressing CTRL + N.


  1. Start keying in a name, and you will see the Auto-Complete list appear.
  2. As you hover over each name you will see an x appear at the right of it.
  3. Simply click the x to rid yourself of that Auto-Complete!
  4. You can actually delete all Auto-Complete suggestions.

Follow these steps to learn how:

  1. Clink File | Options | Mail.
  2. Scroll down to Send Messages and click either Empty-Auto-Complete List or deselect Use Auto-Complete to disable it.
Outlook 2016

Using Hot Keys in Outlook 365

I don’t know about you, but I am usually as busy as a one armed paper hanger with the itch at the office. That being said, I absolutely avail myself to all the quick shortcuts I can to save time and keystrokes. I really like to use the hot keys in Outlook to save more time.

Some of my favorites are listed below:


You are very welcome!




Outlook 2016

Using Two Time Zones In Outlook

When you work in a busy office you may find that at times, you are working across multiple time zones.  Obviously, in this situation, it is critical to know the time in the other time zone, so meetings will not be too early or late.

So, instead of fiddling around on the internet trying to figure out your time zones, let Outlook do it for you!  It is quick and easy and you will look like a rock star!

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Simply go to Options | Calendar | Time zones |Show a second time zone.

two-time-zonesEasy peasy!

Outlook 2016

Learn Outlook’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Just like word and Excel and the other Office applications, Outlook has some unique keyboard shortcuts that will save you time and keystrokes.

Learn the ones you use most and you will be flying through Outlook tasks!

Below are some very useful shortcuts:

CTRL + R – Reply to mail.

ALT + R – Reply to all in email or switch tot he work week calendar view.

ALT + W – Forward email or switch to the weekly calendar view.

CTRL + M – F9 to send/Receive all

CTRL + G – Open the Go to date dialog to jump to any date in your calendar.

CTRL + N – Open a new email.

CTRL + Enter – Send your email.

You can also switch between Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and other items in the navigation plane by tapping CTRL + the place number of the item.