Carol's Ramblings

Carol’s Ramblings…

Here I thought Spring was just about here!  I came home from work one evening and lo and behold, I could hear the peepers singing down at the creek and what a symphony it was!  Music to my ears!  And then I spotted the leaf buds on the trees, and the temperatures started fluctuating between cold and warm and cold and warmer.  Then I found that my one little Daffodil that sits in the woods just outside my window had burst through the ground and had three buds on it! (I swear this year I am going to plan a lot more!) Not only that, but the Hyacinths pushed through to meet the sunshine as well!  Well that’s it I thought, Spring is definitely here!

And then my bubble was burst… The temps are down in the twenties and thirties again and we are right now under a winter storm warning and have been told that we will receive between 14 and 18 inches of snow!  Well, I ran out and put a bucket over my little daffodil and hopefully it will not be ruined.   Brrr….I hate being cold!  I am so longing for springtime and sunshine!  Hopefully this will be winter’s last hurrah and warmer climes are on the way.

But just in case winter is hanging on for a bit, please remember your neighbors, the homeless and those less fortunate than yourself.  Do what you can to help them through the last of winter.

I hope you enjoy the snowfall if you are getting some of it and I hope you enjoy this newsletter as well.

Lastly, I would like to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I like to think we are all a tad Irish on March 17th!  Me, I’m half Irish and half Scottish – a grand mixture!!

Until next time…