Is There A Shortcut To Use To Get Back To Text?

One of my subscribers recently asked me if when he finishes keying in a footnote or endnote in Word, is here a way to jump back into the text of his document using his keyboard instead of his mouse. There are actually a couple of ways you can do this.

As far as I know, there is no dedicated keyboard shortcut to return to your text once you are in a footnote or endnote. Some folks use Shift + F5 (or Ctrl + Alt + Z) for this purpose. This shortcut cycles through your last several edit locations. When you are typing in a footnote or endnote, this means that it will take you back to your previous edit location, which is typically where you inserted the footnote or endnote reference.

However, this will not always be the case, as you may have jumped into your footnote or endnote directly from the body text by clicking within the note. In that case, Shift +F 5 will take you back to wherever you were previously editing your document.

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