Word 2010

How to Quickly Show the Tabs Dialog Box in Word 2010

Want a shortcut to quickly open your tab dialog box when you are working on a document?  If you are anything like me, you are always looking for ways to save time and keystrokes.

This is so simply you will wonder why you never heard of it before!

All you need to do is double-click on your Ruler, just below the markings that appear there.  That’s it!  The Tab Dialog box will appear. There is one caveat though; when you double-click you may also inadvertently set a tab on your Ruler so make sure you glance up to see if you have. It’s not a big problem if you did. You can simply drag it off of your Ruler, release it and it will go away. You can also delete the tab in the Tabs dialog box.

Tab Dialog Box

Make certain that you double-click at the bottom of your Ruler and not the top!  Why?  Well here’s another cool little trick – if you double-click at the top of your Ruler, it will open the Page Setup dialog for for you.

Look at that – two tips for the price of one!  You can tell it’s the holiday season can’t you?