Microsoft Word

Quickly And Easily Delete All Tab Stops in A Document

If you are looking for a quick way to delete all tab stops in your document, this post is for you.  It will save you lots of time and you all know I love that!

While there is no keyboard shortcut to remove tab stops — it is very easy to use the Tabs dialog box to resolve this issue. You can use your  keyboard to open the  Tabs dialog box and make selections within it, which  technically does not count as a keyboard shortcut.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

    1. Press Ctrl+A to select your entire current document.
    2. Display the Home tab of your Ribbon.
    3. At the bottom-right of the Paragraph group, click the small icon to display the dialog box.
    4. Click Tabs at the bottom-left of the dialog box to display the dialog box.
    5. Click Clear All.
    6. Click OK.

Saves you mucho time!