Microsoft Word

How To Edit Documents Using Ink Editor In Word 365

You can now use your finger or a digital pen when you are working on a touch device. In addition to drawing, writing and highlighting, Ink Editor will let you use natural gestures like circling to select and crossing out to delete, adding a new line, etc.!

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Click on Draw | Ink Editor.
  2. Select a Pen.


  1. If you do not have a digital pen enabled device and instead have a touch device, select Draw with Touch | Ink Editor.

You can now perform any of the following choices using your pen:

Circle to select text

Draw a circle around the text you want to select. You can select words, sentences or paragraphs and  apply formatting such as font color, bold, or italic.

Cross out to delete text

Draw a line thorough your text to delete it. Delete large chunks of text by drawing a diagonal line or up-and-down squiggles.

Apply highlighting

Select a highlighter pen from the Pens group and draw across text to highlight it. To remove the highlight, simply draw across the text again.

Join words

Draw a curve to join two words. Be certain both ends of the curve touch the words you want to join.

Split words

Draw a vertical line within a word to split it in two.

Insert a word

Draw a caret between two words to insert text. Once you draw the caret, write the words you would like to add. When you are finished writing, your text is inserted where you drew the caret.

Make a new line

Draw a backwards L shape. Text after the shape moves to a new line.

Pretty incredible don’t you think?