Excel 2016

How To Create Super Fast Charts in Excel

Yes, of course, you can use the Chart Wizard to create your chart, but there are some occasions when going through even the Wizard seems too long. So if you feel the need for speed, this tip is for you!

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Select your table on which you would like your chart to be based.
  2. Press F11.

It does not get any faster than that! Excel will insert a new Chart worksheet before your current worksheet, and base the chart on the data in your table and the default chart type you have set up. You can now customize your chart any way you like and work on it as you normally would.

Should you want to create an embedded chart, follow the quick step below:

Press Alt+F1 in step 2 in place of F11.

Cool beans right?

Excel 2016

Handy Excel Data Entry Shortcuts

For most folks entering content into an Excel worksheet is a common task. Below are keyboard shortcuts that will automate some of these chores. You may know some of them, but I bet you will find some that you were not aware of!

CTRL + K – Insert a hyperlink

CTRL + ; – Insert the current date

CTRL + : – Insert the current time

CTRL + Enter – Enter a value into non-contiguous cells

ALT + Enter – Wrap text to a new line in the same cell

ALT + Down Arrow – Display AutoComplete list

Shift + F2 – Insert comment

ALT + = – Insert autosum function

Shift + F3 – Launch Insert Function wizard

CTRL + Shift + A – Complete function by inserting argument

CTRL + Shift +F3 – Create names from labels in adjacent row and/or columns

CTRL + F3 – Launch Name Manager

F3 – Display Paste Name dialog

Hope these save you keystrokes and time!